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Domain auctions & dropcatching

Expired Traffic domain auctions typically start at $69 but can go into the tens of thousands of dollars with no guarantee of actual parking performance until the domain is added to your parking account.

So you need to know which domains to select and how much to pay.

For example you could buy 10 higher quality domain for 10,000$ or 100 lesser quality domains for $10,000, but what is more important is that domains collectively cover their registration costs. You must set yourself a goal is to make a profit within XX months e.g. I want to make a profit within 28 months.

(Monthly parking revenue + domain sales revenue) – (total number of domains registered * cost of registration) * 28

From the second year, you would drop all those domains which are not profitable or with no chance of resale, resulting in lower ongoing costs.

Are the domains pacing to ‘break even’ within your allotted time frame?

  • YES – buy more similar domains or loosen the registration requirements?
  • NO – reanalyze domains registered and tighten the registration requirements?

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Updated on September 20, 2021

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