Monetization metrics

Total Visits

Total number of real visitors excluding bots that visit your domain. Please note that the stats of each parking provider may differ from one another as they filter bot / bad traffic differently.

Tier 1 Visits

Tier 1 visits are those defined as the highest quality advertisers. Monetization is typically EPC/CPC/PPC (see below).

Tier 2 / Zero Click Visits

Rather than being paid per click for each Ad click, you are paid for each forced redirect (you are automatically redirected to a different website to the one you visited). Typically advertising of this nature is of lower quality. Bodis is the only parking company that focuses exclusively on high quality advertising.


Number of real visitors excluding bots that ‘click’ upon an Ad (2nd click) after a visitor has first clicked upon a Related Search Term (1st click).

CPC (Cost Per Click), EPC (Earnings Per Click), PPC (Pay Per Click)

How much you earn for each valid Ad ‘click’

CTR (Click Through Rate)

The number of visitors that clicked on one of the Ads on the page, expressed as a percentage.

RPM (Revenue per Mille / Revenue per thousand)

The revenue you would receive for every thousand visitors, if EPC/PPC/CPC and CTR performance remained constant. RPM is calculated:  (Revenue/Visitors) * 1000 or (1,000 x Click Through Rate x Earnings Per Click) to perform ‘what if’ calculations.

Revenue (Total Revenue, T1 Revenue, T2/ZC Revenue)

The revenue or total revenue derived from T1 and T2 earnings. As each parking provider counts traffic differently, revenue is the only accurate measurement of performance.

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Updated on September 20, 2021

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