Types of domains

Expired – Domains which were previously registered by another entity and left to expire, becoming available for registration once more.

Generics – Domains which define a general category. Examples of generic domains include Holidays.com, Insurance.com, Fahrrad.de (Bicycle), parlare.it (Talk)

Premium Domains – Domains that contain dictionary word(s) and perfectly describe a product or service. To be considered premium, the domain should be as short as possible and preferably less than 16 characters excluding TLD (e.g. .com)

Brandables – Domains that typically do not contain dictionary word(s) and do not perfectly describe a product or service. An example would be Bodis.com

Mistypes/Typos Domains which are misspellings of others. Typosquatting is the process of registering common misspellings of other highly trafficked domains to benefit from the mistype traffic of the original site. We do NOT recommend this. Doing so may violate the intellectual property rights of third parties and could result in large fines.

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Updated on September 22, 2021

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