Monetize Your Domains

Domain Portfolio Investors Turn to to Better Monetize Their Assets

Long ago people discovered how valuable a great domain is for business. Some buy a domain name to build out their company brand on the world wide web, while others have been steadily buying domain names like a real estate investor.  Over time, acquiring more domain names and watching the values go up and up every year. Domain name owners generally make money in a number of ways.

New Toolset for Domainers

Performance Marketing Leaders Astoria Company Now Offering Domain Owners Set of Tools to Better Monetize Their Online Assets

Lead acquisition and performance marketing experts Astoria Company have steadily built a reputation as a valuable partner for domainers looking for ways to monetize their domains in reliable ways. The company recently announced the acquisition of as the next generation of Astoria Company’s proprietary lead acquisition platform backed domain parking and monetization platform.

Experts agree that a proven way to monetize domains is to get involved in the lead acquisition process. The drawback has traditionally been that working with many companies can be tedious and often not produce the best results from the domain owner’s perspective., backed by Astoria Company's own proprietary lead exchange platform that processes over 10 million leads a month, is poised to offer domainers a diverse new set of tools that can help them quickly and easily monetize their domain assets in ways that can deliver very impressive results. Domain owners couldn’t be more pleased with the news.